Specific Tangible Numbers on Timebanking

I just got done uploading my first YouTube video on specific tangible numbers!

You can watch that video by clicking the image below.

( Duration exactly 10 minutes )

First off, I want to say thank you to all those that came before me and to all the individuals that are working hard at this present moment in time to grow and nurture the timebanking movement. Together we are the future.

Edgar Cahn has made timebanking his life’s work and I too will follow in those footsteps.” – Keith Hupp

There comes a point in time where every man must decide for himself what is more important to him in life-

What he can and what he can not live without.

“I can not live in a world without timebanking.

A world without timebanking is a world full of suffering without purpose.”– Keith Hupp

For me it is simple. Liberating time in your life gives me life.

“If you love something, set it free.” – Keith Hupp

Not very many people are conscience enough to ask themselves “What is my purpose” if we are not making things better then it is obvious- we are simply wasting time (timepass) while consuming massive amounts of resources to do so.

“Together by using timebanking as a medium of exchange and the core values as our guide map we can create a new purpose for the human race.” – Keith Hupp

My thought provoking question for this post is: What should the collective purpose of humanity be going into 2019?

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