TimeKeeper LLC serves online intentional communities and communities that host local meetings & workshops.

To create an account register for an administrator account and then complete the required information in the TimeKeeper Bank Admin Panel.


TimeKeeper Bank Admin Panel

Communities on TimeKeeper can send messages and hours to their members and are listed in our community finder feature on the mobile app and website. 

Watch this video to see how hours are exchanged autonomously in the TimeKeeper Bank mobile app.

TimeKeeper Communities

Mobile Timebanking For Communities!

Create your timebanking community on TimeKeeper Bank!

Community account are for coordinators and administrators of timebanking communities.

As an administrator of a timebanking community you will be able to participate in a global circular economy with other communities all exchanging their talents, skills and experiences to build a more resilient future for everyone.

Raise awareness, coordinate multiple locations, reward and revalue members and their contributions, send hours and messages in real time right to your members mobile phones.

Use our administration panel to record timebanking exchanges and send messages to members using instant communication!

TimeKeeper Bank Admin Panel Login
TimeKeeper Bank Admin Panel Login

Register as a community admin then log into the admin panel to create your timebanking community on TimeKeeper Bank.


Accounts are subject to verification, approval and payment.

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